38 Million Hours Zero LTI Achievement

We’ve achieved an impressive milestone with 38 million injury-free work hours, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to safety. And still counting!

Response Team – Safety & Emergency

Our dedicated Emergency Response Team is always ready to swiftly and effectively respond to any unforeseen situations, ensuring the safety of our team members and the environment.

Environmental Action – Mangrove Planting

Contributing to environmental conservation, we actively involve in mangrove reforestation projects, safeguarding coastal ecosystems and enhancing biodiversity.

Environmental Action – Waste Clean Up

On Environment Day 2023, we engage in community clean-up campaigns, tackling waste pollution in our surroundings and promoting a cleaner, healthier environment for all.

Safety Walkthrough

Our routine safety walkthroughs ensure that every aspect of our operations prioritizes safety first, creating a secure work environment for everyone involved.